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Daguerre, who is usually credited as one of the inventors of photography, is the name of a street in the 14th arrondissement of Paris as well as a new combo assembled by Olivier Conan, a long time New Yorker who grew up in Paris, a few blocks away from the aforementioned Rue Daguerre.

After dealing in mostly Latin tropical styles for over a decade, with the psychedelic sounds of his band Chicha Libre in particular, Conan gives in to the call of the past and sings a repertoire of mostly original compostions tackling misplaced nostalgia, the old country, death - and the mirage of the good old days.

Ephemeral and rootless, the music is a mixture of joy and nostalgia inspired by the kind of corroded daguerreotypes you might have found in your grandmother’s secret drawer.   

The arrangements rely on a musical vocabulary that could have only been developed in New York - a hybrid style informed by boleros, cumbia, cha cha’s, 1930’s surrealism and the chansons of Gainsbourg and Yvonne Georges.

Music you can dance and cry to. 

Combo Daguerre is: 
Adele Fournet - keyboards and Felipe Wurst - guitar (Banda Chuska/Tipa Tipo) // Andres Fonseca - drums; Neil Ochoa (Locobeach, Chicha Libre) - percussion; Dan Martinez - bass and Olivier Conan  (Chicha Libre) - cuatro and vocals.

Combo Daguerre's debut album is expected to be released in early 2024. 

Contact us for more info at: daguerremusic at

Photo by Mario Riquelme
Photo by Reuben Radding
Photo by Mario Riquelme
Photo by Reuben Radding
Photo by Mario Riquelme
Photo by Mario Riquelme
Photo by Reuben Radding
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